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2019 Itch To Stitch September Spotlight Blog Tour!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Itch to Stitch Blog Tour! 

We all love the new and shiny, but what about those patterns less shared or deeper in the Itch to Stitch Pattern Catalog? This September 24 bloggers are prepared to shine a spotlight on the Itch to Stitch patterns they think deserve a little more attention. In addition to sharing great garments, there will be an exclusive discount of 25% off the featured daily patterns as well as an opportunity to enter a Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win one of two AMAZING prize packages from some generous Sponsors.

Here are the Bloggers for the ITS September Spotlight Itch to Stitch Blog Tour. Please be sure to check in each day with the blog line up below for great inspiration!

September 16th 
September 17th 
September 18th 
September 19th 
September 20th 

My Spotlight Project

Today, I'm turning a spotlight on two patterns from the Itch to Stitch catalog: One older and one newer.


I started with choosing Davina Dress. This pattern was released just over 4 years ago, at the end of August 2015. Davina is a knit dress with a fitted bodice, higher waistband and a half circle skirt. Mine is made from DBP purchased from Fabric Mart earlier this summer.
I don't see these popping up very often in the Itch to Stitch Facebook Group, and that's a real shame! Davina Dress is packed with sleeve options from sleeveless to long sleeved which make this an appropriate choice for practically any season. It's also drafted with pockets.
For a dress like this, with a fitted bodice, I needed to do a bit of an FBA. But honestly, it was no big deal at all. Directions for how to increase the center front gathers to accommodate a larger bust are included in the pattern!
And when you end up with such a flattering neckline, the effort is so worth it!

Long-time followers of my sewing will know that I fear a full skirt. Seriously, I am on the Wind's "LIST" and every time I step outside in a skirt, it does its best to expose my backside to the world. BUT, I applied the coin trick that was so successful with my Giverny Dress and so far, so good.


To pair with my Davina Dress, I selected a newer pattern: Aveiro Cardigan. Released in September of 2018, the Aveiro Cardigan has so many drafted/instructed options, only being surpassed by Idyllwild, I believe.
Why are there not Aveiro Cardigans everywhere? If you are looking for a cardi to give you Bang For Your Buck, Aveiro has options from a short sleeved bolero to a long cuff, knee length cardi-coat.
But, considering my curves, so generous that they are, I decided a cropped Aveiro would be a more complimentary choice for my dress.
I feel like the layered V-necks compliment each other, and with the full skirt, gives off a bit of a fun vintage vibe.
I bought this luscious mustard baby French terry fabric on impulse. I generally avoid wearing yellow as I feel it doesn't flatter me. However, this rich golden tone really seems to be working for me!
The mustard baby French terry is from Simply By Ti, one of our tour Sponsors. If you love it, and want some for yourself, you can find it HERE.

Tour Goodies

As promised in the beginning of this post, the patterns I've shared here today are 25% off, starting September 16th at 8am, but only for 24 hours! Add Aveiro and/or Davina to your cart and use the
code: 916itsblogtour25

Aside from Davina and Aveiro, Monday's discount also applies to Hepburn Turtleneck, Mila Shirt, Vientiane Skirt, Newport Top and Medellin Top

Thank you to all the Sponsors of this year's Itch to Stitch September Spotlight Blog Tour!

Our amazing Sponsors have donated to support this tour and to share some wonderful prizes with you! Please take few minutes to visit all our friends. If you decide to make a purchase, be sure to tell them you saw them here on the Itch to Stitch Blog Tour!

Visit our Sponsors and enter our Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win one of 2 amazing prize packages:

Prize # 1
Itch to Stitch: 3 PDF patterns of choice
Raspberry Creek Fabrics: $100 Store Credit
D&H Fabrics Co: $50 Store Credit
Simply By Ti: Prize of $20 Store Credit
So Sew English Fabrics: Prize of $40 Store Credit
Sly Fox Fabrics: $25 Store Credit

Prize #2
Itch to Stitch: 3 PDF patterns of choice
Beautiful Textiles: $100 Store Credit
D&H Fabrics Co: $50 Store Credit
Surge Fabric Shop: $20 Store Credit
Knitpop: $50 Knitcoin Credit

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love Itch to stitch patterns. Your ITS project(s) is(are) always lovely... I am happy that this pattern company has this yearly tour. A great opportunity to put some old patterns into spotlight. And also the 25% off is a winner deal!

  2. I love the cropped view of the Aviero- and you're killing me with that coin trick on the Davina!

  3. The Davina is so cute on you! I need to get the Aviero. I love all the options!

  4. Ooh what a gorgeous outfit!!! Perfect proportions and pairing!!

  5. This golden/mustard Aveiro is breathtaking!!! It goes perfectly with the Davina. You're right in saying that's an understated pattern, but now I may buy it for this winter...!

  6. This looks lovely on you. I like your choices, very flattering.


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