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Just A Modest Mini

My final "official" piece for my SSW1 collection is a simple Moss Skirt from Grainline Studios . This pattern has (probably) hundreds of samples available to review online and I can see why it's so very popular. Very stylish, versatile and easy to make. In fact. I made mine in less than 4 days. Hard sewing days, but still. That's quick for top stitching and a fly least *I* think so! I used a not quite white slightly stretch denim fabric for my skirt and selected my pattern size based on the final garment measurements. After comparing the flat pattern to existing garments, I decided to make only a length adjustment, skip making a muslin and run with a straight size 10. All the things you read about this skirt being short are TRUE. I stand only 5ft tall, and always remove 3-4 inches of length from a skirt/dress pattern. In this case, I decided to ADD 1.5 inches to view A (without the band) This gave me a length that is youthful and flattering, but

Multiples Make My World Go 'Round

I made two more Vogue 9109 tank tops and I love them both! The first used a satin weave French cotton from Elliott Bermann Textiles. Light like a lawn, but not so crisp as a shirting. It was easy to sew and holds the shape very well. I opted to finish the binding and CB facings with a prick stitch. Instead of using a hook and eye for the back closure as directed in the pattern, I added a button and a thread loop. It's much more secure. I used a black nylon button twist for both the prick stitching and the thread loop. It's a real PIA to work with, always unraveling and getting knotted, but in the end it gives an undeniably nice finish. For my 3rd version, I decided to cut into some deliciously soft silk crepe I've been hording. It's a single yard of 42 inch wide border print from Haberman's. I only bought a yard because it was a something like a ridiculous $25/yard, but after washing and drying, that meant I had very little to work with. My ori

The Seville Skirt Twins

I knew as soon as I finished my first sample of the Seville Skirt by Itch-To-Stitch in March, that I would be making several more. It has a flattering shape, is very feminine, can be made lined or unlined, dressed up or casual...but most important for me: It's wind friendly! The last thing I need at my age is a windy reveal at my son's football practice or the grocery store parking lot. The first of my twins is made of dark blue non-stretch denim. It's unlined and I used a Hong Kong finish on all the inside seams. The hem is catch-stitched. I had worries that this would end up too thick, but it seems to wear just fine. As a short girl, I had to reduce the length of the skirt by 3 inches to bring my self out of Frumpyville. In my original samples, I took all of that at the L&S line provided on the pattern. For my denim version, I took it all from the bottom hem. I did it that way for two reasons. First, I wanted to make the skirt just another tad shorter so I

Seasonal Sew Wardrobe, Spring 2016 Prize Update

We are so fortunate to have many sponsors of our Facebook Group this year. In fact, thanks to their generosity, we are able to add a second prize package to our Spring 2016 Seasonal Sew Wardrobe challenge! Please take a minute to check our our sponsors and support those who are supporting us. Our first prize package will remain as stated when we began the challenge. One randomly chosen winner will receive the following: Natures Fabrics  Gift Voucher for $30 Named , 1 PDF pattern of your choice Ralph Pink , 1 PDF pattern of your choice Itch-to-stitch , 1 PDF pattern of your choice Decades of Syle , 1 pattern of your choice The second prize package will be a "Member's Choice" awarded to the qualifying participant who receives the most votes for his/her Wardrobe. The Member's Choice Voting Survey will be open to all members of the  Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Facebook  Group from June 1st to June 8th, with the Memb

Lisbon Cardigan From Itch-To-Stitch

I'm pretty sure Kennis Wong of Itch-To-Stitch has a direct line of communication to my fashion brain. I discovered this indy pattern line last fall when Kennis was preparing her Liana Stretch Jeans pattern. I now own several (6!) of her patterns and they are the garments I reach for when I get dressed in them morning. This most recent release is no different. The Lisbon Cardigan was released today! This wardrobe staple has regular and cropped options for both the bodice and the sleeve. It is designed for a variety of knits and can look so different based on which fabrics you choose. I wear cardigans all the time, especially in the summer as I prefer sleeveless tops and cold air conditioning, so I was super excited to be selected for the Lisbon Cardigan pattern testing group last week. As always, Kennis brings a nearly perfect "draft" of the pattern to the test, making this more of a fine tuning and a fun, creative exploration of "What Can This Pattern Do?&q