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ITS Giverny Dress, My Modern Vintage Work of Art!

Sometimes, even a grown woman wants to feel like a princess. I'm really stepping outside my comfort zone with Giverny Dress from Itch-To-Stitch Designs . The multi-gored, full skirt and many feminine details such as pleats and pin tucks combine to give this dress a retro Dior New Look feel. Despite the fact that I'm not usually drawn to the Modern Vintage style, I found myself falling in love with this dress more and more with each step of it's construction. Pattern Details Giverny is a small village in France where Claude Monet created some of his most famous paintings. Like the town for which it is named, Giverny Dress is very pretty and full of subtle details to draw your eye.  Giverny Dress needs a woven fabric without stretch. Mine is made with cotton shirting, but there are so many options. Your choice will effect the drape of the skirt, so consider how you want your final dress to look as part of your decision. My cotton creates a stiffer, more retr