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Itch To Stitch Orono Top: Stylish Layer For Cold And Transitional Seasons

Never again will I feel the need to wear one of those ill-fitting, marshmallow silhouette-making, store bought sweatshirts.... If we are not having a snow storm, then it is 40 and slushy outside. Either way, layers are my friend these days, and my new Orono Top , the latest pattern release from Itch to Stitch , is a great addition to my warmer layer selection. When it's super cold, I wear it around the house at as a sweatshirt. When it's 40 and slushy, I can throw it on, instead of a jacket, to run my errands.  Pattern Details & Design Features Orono Top will keep you warm without sacrificing style or feminine shape. The pattern is intended for medium to heavy knits with good structure and a minimum amount of stretch. Sweatshirt fabrics, double knit and ponte are solid choices.  Orono Top has several lengthen/shorten lines so you can achieve the correct proportion for your body. On the bodice, there is one at hip level and one at rib-cage level. There is a