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Hey Look At What I Made: A Little Fall Sewing Featuring Simply By Ti Fabrics

Today is 85 degrees and 1000% humidity. The PERFECT time to share the first of my fall sewing with you, right? The Fabric This is the Coral Sweater Knit and Olive Faux Stretch Leather from Simply By Ti. I did not purchase them together, but as they sat percolating on my SBT stash shelf (Yes, I have a stash shelf devoted to Simply By Ti fabric... 99% of it purchased before joining the Ambassador Team), I decided I wanted to pair them together and see how it works. Is olive a Pantone color for this fall? 
It doesn't matter. I fell in love with Olive last spring and my crush is still going hard. This Olive Faux Stretch Leather is one of several colors carried by Simply By Ti. It is a light weight, knit fabric with a leathery-looking surface treatment. It is nice and stretchy, about 50%, but has really good recovery to maintain its shape. Like leather, you need to be careful about pinning, so as not to leave holes. However, this fabric is fully washable, going though my machine on co…

Grab A Little More Summer With Dana Point Top, New From Itch to Stitch

Summer might be winding down, but it's still hot as Hades out here!

I made my Dana Point Top from a crisp, stretch cotton lawn shirting to keep me cool and looking put together as summer starts to wane. I totally fell for this fabric the second I saw it on the Fabric Mart website a month ago for only $5/yard. I've never seen a cotton/lycra stretch lawn before and besides, look at those black and white bows!

I forgot 2 important things when I snapped up this fabric:
1. Peach is NOT a good color for me.
2. Cotton = WRINKLES.
Press press press, pop outside for pictures and what do I get? The "Did You Wear That Top To Bed?" look. It's a damn shame, and I'm really kind of mad about it. My version of Dana Point Top is too washed out and rumpled to do the pattern the justice it deserves. Please be sure to pop over HERE and check out all the other tester versions.
Pattern Details As you can see, the Dana Point Top from Itch to Stitch is a woven pattern with beautif…