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Samara Pants From Itch to Stitch: The Fun Of Something New

I always see those tall, skinny ladies in their swishy, wide leg trousers in fashion blogs, or on Pinterest looking so cool and chic. I'm always telling myself I could never pull off that look. Then the call went out to test Samara Pants and I thought: BUT..... what if I could? I don't always have knowledge of what's being developed, but I did know high-waisted, wide leg trousers were coming. I'd been telling Kennis for weeks that the style wasn't for me and I was going to pass on testing. I mean, I'm short. I'm curvy. I'm a little thicker through the middle than I ought to be.  This style wouldn't flatter me.  The testing call posted, accompanied by the sample shots. Those beautiful wine colored pants shown in the shop listing.
I felt wistful; If only I could wear something like that.  Then it struck me: I sew. I can wear anything I want! Think about that. Why do we sew for ourselves if not to try new things we could never buy RTW? Pattern Details