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Melrose Top & Dress, New From Itch to Stitch

With the completion of my dress this morning, I now have 2 versions of Melrose Top & Dress to share with you in this post!   When I have a hard time fitting sewing into my schedule, it's important to select patterns that give me a big impact without needing too much in the way of fitting and that don't have complicated techniques demanding my concentration. That's where I'm at lately and so Melrose Top & Dress, the newest release from Itch to Stitch Designs, is just the pattern I needed this spring!  Pattern Details Designed for wovens, Melrose Top & Dress has just the right amount of ease to be a comfortable dress without overwhelming my frame EVEN though I'm large busted. (No tents here!). Because this is a minimalist design with a modern silhouette, you have the potential to create everything from an elegant and classic garment to something super impactful depending on the fabric you choose.  Design Features -Drafted for A, B, C, D & DD cups WIT…
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Itch To Stitch Orono Top: Stylish Layer For Cold And Transitional Seasons

Never again will I feel the need to wear one of those ill-fitting, marshmallow silhouette-making, store bought sweatshirts.... If we are not having a snow storm, then it is 40 and slushy outside. Either way, layers are my friend these days, and my new Orono Top, the latest pattern release from Itch to Stitch, is a great addition to my warmer layer selection. When it's super cold, I wear it around the house at as a sweatshirt. When it's 40 and slushy, I can throw it on, instead of a jacket, to run my errands.  Pattern Details & Design FeaturesOrono Top will keep you warm without sacrificing style or feminine shape. The pattern is intended for medium to heavy knits with good structure and a minimum amount of stretch. Sweatshirt fabrics, double knit and ponte are solid choices. 
Orono Top has several lengthen/shorten lines so you can achieve the correct proportion for your body. On the bodice, there is one at hip level and one at rib-cage level. There is a third L&S line …

The Garment I Didn't Know I Needed: Itch to Stitch Envigado Vest

I don't live out in the wilderness, nor do I call the Urban Jungle home. To be honest, I don't even like outside. Yet, I was drawn to making the Envigado Vest from Itch to Stitch...  This was one of the most fun projects I've done in a long time. I found the rose embossed nylon/poly mystery fabric in a bag of stuff my aunt gave me last summer and then planned/purchased the hardware to coordinate. There are a number of interesting details, including the option to bias bind your seams, which elevate this item from just a core-warming-weather-shield to a fashionable layering garment. Pattern Details Envigado Vest is an unlined vest with a lined hood option suitable for light to medium woven fabrics. Closely fitted with front/back princess seams, a drawstring waist and bust cup sizes, Envigado maintains a feminine and flattering silhouette. It is full of details that add up to a garment people will think you purchased at a store. The pattern instructions are incredibly detaile…