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So I Guess Color Season Is A Thing?

Figuring out your color season is a thing this year in my Get Your Pretty On style group. The 2021 Annual Membership came with some resources to explore what my personal Color Season might be. As I worked through the materials, I  struggled with Bright Winter vs Bright Spring. So, the next day, I spent my coffee time considering my color analysis and photos taken of myself in this last year. (Even though I haven't blogged in the last two years, I'm still sewing, testing and sharing regularly in my FB groups.) I have come to the conclusion that I am a Bright Spring, but that I can pull a bit from Bright Winter, depending on the color/combination. I never thought that I had a warm skin tone, I feel pale and pink. But the evidence is below and it appears that I usually look better in a warmer, brighter color! Go figure! My Style Of Draping: SELFIES! These seem to be my best colors. Bright and saturated, neither too dark nor too light. Left: modified Uvita, Balboa skirt both from I
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Just In Time For Gifting: Cape Cod Capelet, New From Itch to Stitch

We are on the brink of HOLIDAY SEASON. To feed the sewing bug during this time of craziness, it's important that projects be quick, easy and possibly run double duty as gifts.  If this sounds like just what you need this season too, I heartily recommend you check out Itch to Stitch 's newest pattern, Cape Cod Capelet . Whether you are looking for a unique handmade gift, or want to treat yourself to a stylish not-cardigan cover up, Cape Cod Capelet is a great option! What I Made I'm going to shock all of you now and announce that I didn't make a muslin for this. I mean, I did start out intending to, but quickly discovered that it wasn't necessary.  I selected a size M based on the only measurement needed for this pattern: the bust. Cape Cod Capelet is a very loose garment built for layering. There's plenty of ease, yet even shorties like myself are not overwhelmed with too much fabric. Itch to Stitch really has nailed that balance with Cape C

2019 Itch To Stitch September Spotlight Blog Tour!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Itch to Stitch Blog Tour!  We all love the new and shiny, but what about those patterns less shared or deeper in the Itch to Stitch Pattern Catalog? This September 24 bloggers are prepared to shine a spotlight on the Itch to Stitch patterns they think deserve a little more attention. In addition to sharing great garments, there will be an exclusive discount of 25% off the featured daily patterns as well as an opportunity to enter a Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win one of two AMAZING prize packages from some generous Sponsors. Here are the Bloggers for the ITS September Spotlight Itch to Stitch Blog Tour. Please be sure to check in each day with the blog line up below for great inspiration! September 16th   Sewing Vortex , mahlicadesigns ,  Katie Sews Things , Sewing with Sarah , Flaxfield Sewing September 17th   Sewsewilse , replicatethendeviate , Needles to Say , Sewing with d , madebymanagir September 18th   Jot De

Sew Long Summer: Do You Have Orange Confidence?

First sign of fall at my house is the Maple tree out front. As August fades the tips of the leaves to go pink. Before you know it, it's already time for the Sew Long Summer Blog tour! This year, I took a recent favorite of mine, the Kosice Top & Dress from Itch to Stitch Designs , combined it with a bold orange fabric and made a dress that is undeniably fall. The Fabric For my dress, I used this intense orange floral from Simply By Ti fabrics. I've had my eye on it since it came to the shop, but when it was discounted to $5/yard during the April Birthday Sale, I snapped up 3 yards. This poplin really is the perfect shirting. It's a nice weight: not light and flimsy, but not heavy at all. It's completely opaque. It sews well, presses cleanly and didn't give me any issues with fraying. The best part is that because it is 97%/3% cotton/lycra, it's totally stable and suitable for all woven shirting projects, but still has a little give to make

Itch to Stitch Gobi Culottes For Fall!

 So what do you do when the temperature starts dropping, but you aren't ready to drop your hemline yet? The solution is easy: Culottes. If you never thought of culottes as a trans-seasonal garment, you are missing out! They have the style of a skirt, with the ease of shorts (or pants). Itch to Stitch is releasing Gobi Culottes today and I couldn't be more excited! I particularly love the button fly and top stitching details. And, if I'm being honest, the retro 80's shape coupled with the 90's styling I've done here really makes my later-half Gen X heart sing! Pattern Details Itch to Stitch Gobi Culottes is reminiscent of the popular pleated shorts of the 1980's, but updated with modern details that make the style sleek and relevant. The contoured yoke/waistband is fitted with pretty seams that line up with the front pleats. The back uses a center leg seam for shaping instead of a yoke or darts to keep that minimal skirt feel. There is a Shorten/L