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Anza Dress: My First Dress For Summer 2017

PSSST! Come check out what I have for you today....
Look, it's a new dress!

The weather has finally turned toward spring, and I know that means the humid, oppressive summer heat is not far behind. It's time to give my attention to planning a summer wardrobe, and Itch-To-Stitch's newest pattern: Anza Jumpsuit & Dress is at the top of my list! Pattern Details As always, this Itch-To-Stitch Pattern offers its standard thoughtful options: sizes 00-20 (that's a 49 inch bust, Ladies), A, B, C, D & DD cup sizes, layers capable PDF and large format PDF printing files plus detailed step-by-step, illustrated instructions to walk you through construction.
In addition, this pattern has a number of design elements that are fun to sew: -Lined, pleated breast pockets with button flaps -Faced, v-neck, button-down bodice -Cut on kimono style sleeves with rolled cuffs -Cinched waist with both elastic and drawstring options -Side pockets and a shirttail hem on the skirt
This is …

Summer Dress Project: My Second Anza

As I hinted in my last post, I've got several versions of Anza Dress swirling around in my brain. Can you believe I've already got another one ready to show off?

This second Anza Dress is the same size and style as my first, only I've left off the breast pockets. Isn't it amazing how the fabric you choose changes everything? 
Summer Dress Project I spend so much time sewing lovely things, yet I find myself day after day living in my mismatched ratty PJs. I have a milestone birthday coming up, and while I know that it's really not a big deal, I can't help but feel a bit melancholy... drab... frumpy.  So, as I sat in my Anza muslin, comfortable as could be, piecing together my first dress last week, I wondered: Could I challenge myself to get dressed this summer? 

Staring into my closet I find a sea of same old t shirts and jeans. How boring. How safe. I want to make dresses. The kind I can put on in the morning and wear all day. I'm off to a good start wit…

I Totally Under Estimated The New Itch-To-Stitch Pattern: La Paz Jacket

La Paz Jacket has been highly anticipated by the members of the Itch-To-Stitch Facebook group since whispers of its design were heard several months ago. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait! This pattern is everything you have come to expect from Itch To Stitch: precise drafting, clear instructions, logical construction order and thoughtful details.

Why This Pattern Is Special La Paz Jacket is a knit blazer pattern with a classic look and fit. While it's true that La Paz is unlined and doesn't call for traditional jacket tailoring, Do Not Be Mistaken: It is an Advanced Level pattern with plenty of details to challenge intermediate sewers and keep advanced seamstresses interested.

As with every Itch to Stich Pattern, you will find:- Tile printing at home and large format for the print shop
- PDF layers, to print only the sizes you want or need.
- A, B, C, D and DD cup sizing.

Additional Design Details:

My Experience Sewing La PazIn one word: Intense! You know any time Kennis is rea…