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Coat Cravings: Fari Coat: First Week Progress Part 2: Amazing Spanish Snap Buttonholes

If you missed Part 1 of my first week progress you can read about it HERE. But make sure you come right back...My buttonhole journey is a tragedy with a happy ending!
My Bound Buttonhole TragedyBound buttonholes are truly art; I adore them. I knew immediately that I wanted bound buttonholes for the three buttons on the Fari Coat. One on each of the sleeve tabs and one on the collar. The sleeve tabs are made pretty early in the construction process, so I eagerly jumped right in and spent a day and a half marking and crafting my buttonholes. 

The pattern does not have the buttonholes marked on the tab pattern piece, so I was careful in marking the seam allowances and placing the mark in just the right spot...or so I thought... I followed the advice of this Colette tutorial as it worked so well for me when I made my Lumber Jackie O Coat several years ago. (By the way, Lumber Jackie O is the very first coat I ever made, back in 2013. I still wear her pretty much daily every winter. Even beg…

Coat Cravings: Fari Coat: First Week Progress Part 1

I have done SO much in this first week. There's so much to share that I'll have two posts. This one and another tomorrow.

Tailoring Considerations
I started the week reading through this book in the mornings with coffee. I only have the kindle version, which was a mistake. A book of this sort really needs to be physical to facilitate referencing different parts. Also, the digital formatting is terrible.

Still, the information inside is really valuable. I've decided that based on the type of coat Fari is designed to be, I will only be doing some light tailoring to support the wool and some of the special details:

As I work through the actual construction, I may need to adjust this list. I've also decided that with the exception of the back stay, I will be using fusible interfacing throughout the project, including the collar, facings and trim bands.

Tailoring Techniques:
Adding a back stay to prevent stretching during wear.Use the weft interfacing in my stash, not the woven i…

Coat Cravings! Just A Little Inspiration For You

How many Coat projects have you dreamed up, Crystal? Um, I've lost count. Every time I see a coat I think, "I should make that for myself!" How many have you started to collect supplies for? 6. I might be missing a lining here or proper interfacing there, but I have the makings for 6 coats in my stash. How many have you actually completed? 3. I have finished 3 coats in my adult sewing life. I still wear each of them regularly. 

What are your answers????
Look, I'm never short on Coat inspiration, so I thought I'd share links to several patterns that illustrate just the sort of project that fits the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Group Coat Cravings challenge. 
Do you sew for the man in your life? Or maybe you ARE the man in your life. (I think there are a few guys floating around our group.)
 Gold Stream Peacoat by Thread Theory* This coat is lined and comes with tons of detail options like epaulets, removable hood, interior pockets and sleeve tabs. Not only is t…

Coat Cravings! An Outerwear Layer for SSE:Destination Launches

You guys. I know it's August, and in my part of the world it's 80+ every day, but I'm having some serious Coat Cravings. I've got the supplies in my stash for 5-6 different coats that I've thought up over the last few years. Yet for some reason, I haven't finished a coat since 2014. That's shameful as I've thought up some really great ones... So. I've decided that I'm not going to leave my wool coating on the shelf for another winter... I'm going to prepare for the season ahead and finally wear my wool coat(s)!

What about you? Have you made a coat recently...or ever? Do you want to sew with me? I realize that half the world is actually getting ready to welcome spring soon, and sewing a wool coat might not be ideal. But, there are other kinds of coats. There are spring weight coats and motorcycle jackets... or you could plan for YOUR season ahead too and really be prepared for next winter! You guys are creative and I bet you could come up wit…