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Coat Cravings! An Outerwear Layer for SSE:Destination Launches

You guys. I know it's August, and in my part of the world it's 80+ every day, but I'm having some serious Coat Cravings. I've got the supplies in my stash for 5-6 different coats that I've thought up over the last few years. Yet for some reason, I haven't finished a coat since 2014. That's shameful as I've thought up some really great ones... So. I've decided that I'm not going to leave my wool coating on the shelf for another winter... I'm going to prepare for the season ahead and finally wear my wool coat(s)!

What about you? Have you made a coat recently...or ever? Do you want to sew with me? I realize that half the world is actually getting ready to welcome spring soon, and sewing a wool coat might not be ideal. But, there are other kinds of coats. There are spring weight coats and motorcycle jackets... or you could plan for YOUR season ahead too and really be prepared for next winter! You guys are creative and I bet you could come up with an excellent idea. Tell you what. I'll throw in PRIZES! If you sew a coat along with me and finish by the deadline of December 15th, you will be entered into a random drawing for a fantastic prize pack.

Let me give you some details:

What are the challenge dates?
The challenge starts August 15, 2016 with a submission deadline of 11:59pm December 15, 2016 (Eastern Time Zone). That's 4 months. You can do that!

Who is eligible?
All members of the Facebook Group Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests can participate. If you are somehow reading this and aren't part of the group, you can click the link and send us a message to join.

What pattern do I have to use?
Pick a coat pattern that suits you and get sewing. You can buy something new (our sponsors have some drool-worthy coat patterns which I will share in an upcoming inspiration post) or use a pattern from your stash. You don't have to buy a special pattern to participate.

Does the coat have to be for me?
No. You can sew for someone else if you like, it just has to meet the stated parameters of the challenge.

How many items do I need to sew?
You may have to go through 1 or more muslins (toiles) to get your fit right, but because the kind of coats we are talking about can be time consuming and/or complicated to construct, only 1 finished coat is required.

Are there Prizes?
YES! All qualifying members will be entered into a random drawing for the prize. If your name is drawn, you will win 1 PDF pattern from each of the three sponsors below. Please click the links and check out our generous sponsors:

How do I qualify for prizes?
Each participant needs to have an Album in the group photos tab for pictures of their
items. Please make sure the album title contains your name and "Coat Cravings". Step-By-Step directions for creating an album are detailed below. Make sure photos of your coat are uploaded to your album by 11:59pm December 15th (Eastern Time Zone). 

But I was going to participate in SSW:Destination
Excellent, You can participate in both! It is no problem for your Coat to be one of your 8 wardrobe items. You would just need to finish it in time for the SSWD deadline (Dec 15th) and include a photo in your SSWD album.

So, when you say "Coat", Crystal, what exactly do you mean?
For the purposes of this challenge, when I say "Coat" I mean a lined garment, carefully fitted to wear over your clothes as a protective layer between you and Nature's elements. It might be fashionable, it might be utilitarian, it might have lots of details, or it might have simple lines, but whatever the aesthetic you choose, the guts of your coat will show all your hard, hidden work. Under linings, interfacings, pad stitching or steam shaping. The elements of couture work and tailoring will be evident with the goal of creating a garment that is quality and made to use season after season for many years.

What sort of Coat can I sew?
This challenge stems from me wanting to make a wool coat (or two). So your Coat should be just as involved. You can choose your own pattern, materials and details, but know that slapping a zipper or some buttons into a sweatshirt and calling it a coat is not what we are after. Examples of great entries could be; motorcycle jacket, long-fitted 70's wrap coat with a funky collar, classic trench coat, lined rain coat, an 80's style bomber jacket with zippered internal and external pockets or a peacoat. With the right fabrics and some imagination, any of these styles could be made to suit your weather needs.

Well, what Coat are YOU sewing, Crystal?
So glad you asked! I actually have 2 on my radar. The first is the Fari Coat, by Ralph Pink in charcoal Melton wool with a printed poly charmeuse lining. The second is undecided. Which ever pattern I end up on will be made in winter white wool, lined with vintage kimono silk and closed with vintage mother of pearl buttons. I expect to finish the Fari Coat for sure. I'm hoping to complete the muslin and have construction started on the second coat before Thanksgiving.

I feel inspired, but I'm not certain my idea meets the challenge guidelines
No worries, leave me a comment, or tag me with the details at the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Facebook group. I can help answer your question. I'm also planning an inspiration post with some links to help get your creative juices going.

How do I create an Album?
My album has been created and is available within the group photo album page as an example.

  1. Click the "photos" link at the top center of the group page 
  2. Select "albums" 
  3. On the right-hand side, select "create album" 
  4. Select a picture from your computer, via the box that pops up, to start your album. 
  5. After the photo loads, you can add a caption if you like. 
  6. On the left-hand side, change the date to your album name. Your album should contain your name and "Coat Cravings" so that your wardrobe pictures can be easily found. 
  7. Add additional photos now or later as you like. 
  8. Press the blue "post" button on the lower left-hand side when you are done. 
  1. Select "info" from the top of the group page 
  2. Select "photos" 
  3. Select "Albums" 
  4. Select "Create New Album" 
  5. Change album title to one that contains your name and "Coat Cravings" so that your wardrobe pictures can be easily found. 
  6. Add an album description if you like 
  7. Hit "create" 
  8. Add photos now or later as desired. 

(Thanks, Jewel!)
  1. Click to add a photo on the main page.
  2. Choose photo
  3. Underneath your name at the top of the screen: click "+ Album"
  4. Choose "Create Album"
  5. Name the title to include your name and SSW:SE
  6. If you would like add a description!
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Click "Upload" (You can add a caption to the photo as well if you'd like)
  9. Congratulations! Your album is now created to add more photos now or later!

(Thanks, Amy!)

On iPhone if you're in the groups app -
  1. Go to the group. At the bottom you'll see pic icon which takes you to photos. 
  2. At top of that, there is an Albums tab. Click that. 
  3. Then, at the very top right, click the + to create your album!

I need some additional help.
No problem! Just post your question in the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Group page and tag Crystal Rice, Jewel McClellan and/or Judy Flatt O'Day. We can help!

I'm definitely not trained in tailoring, couture sewing or coat making, but I admire it and am willing to pick up a project and figure it out as I go. Choose a project and lets challenge ourselves a little and satisfy our Coat Cravings! 

Join the conversation at our Group's Facebook Page, Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests, and share what you are working on this week!

Have you missed one of the Coat Cravings posts? Find all the links HERE.


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