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Slow Goin'

Despite my infrequent posting and shoddy photography, I've managed to acquire a follower! And it's not someone I know. Crazy. Welcome, Kristine!

Anyway, this incredibly slow sewer is feeling incredibly frustrated. I've not completed anything in the last several weeks...well, aside from 1 Joann Store jersey t-shirt. While I love it, it's super vanilla cake and not really Exciting Blog Material. Plus, it took me something like 2 weeks to make. WTF. I just don't see how people can whip out garments in a day or two. I'd probably still show it if I could figure out how to take a self portrait in which I don't look blurry or like someone just kicked my dog. (Do I walk around with angry face all the time? Yikes.)

I've also been working on a dress, Simplicity 2337 (view A, sleeveless and sans ruffle). I'm using a textured wool/silk blend in a cranberry color from The fabric is super easy to sew and cut. It feels soft and drapes nicely for the gath…