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Seville Skirt, Again?

I made my 4th Seville Skirt from Itch To Stitch during a sewing date with a friend this month.

I started with a lovely, light, silky polyester fabric purchased recently with my birthday money. The graduated size of the dots is very striking and I thought it would make a great swishy skirt. Because I'm slowly losing weight, the lovely linen version I made in May is now so big in the waist that I have to cinch it in place with a belt, I decided to take this version in.

Originally, my Seville Skirts were sewn size 8 in the hip, blended to a 12 in the waist. Given my recent experience with sewing a straight size 8 for the Itch To Stitch Emily Culottes, I assumed that would be the way to go for my Seville as well. That's right. I made the biggest mistake a sewer can make: I didn't measure first. I didn't take into consideration that the Emily is fitted with a curved yolk at the waist while Seville is a straight narrow waistband. As a result, after taking all that time maki…

My Emily Culottes For The Summer

During the last Itch-To-Stitch sale, I grabbed myself a copy of Emily Culottes. I don't know what drew me to the pattern. I mean, I've always dismissed the trend as Not For Me. All I know is I was standing in Joann's, buying a length of lovely Nicole Miller floral twill and thinking, "This needs to be culottes." The pattern has several different options. I decided I wanted the pleated front for extra swishy skirtishness as well as the welt pockets. 

Choosing welt pockets means you jump in immediately to some slow and precise stitching. I may or may not have accidentally fused my interfacing over a marking pin. Oops. No worries, I removed it without difficulty. 

I am no stranger to welt pockets, having made several over the years, but for some reason I just could not envision how these would come out. I think the reason is two-fold: 1. I've always used a two piece pocket bag. This pattern has a 1 piece bag that folds back on itself once it's all tucked in…

Megan Nielsen's Reef and the SSW:Sleepwear Edition

My favorite Facebook Group, Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests is currently running a Sleepwear Sew Along. (There's still 7 weeks left if you want to jump in). For the main part of my submission, I chose to work with Megan Nielsen's new pattern: Reef Camisole & Shorts Set.

Although Megan Nielsen is a generous sponsor of the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Facebook group, often donating patterns for us to give away in our random drawings, I've never actually sewn anything from her before. Shameful! (In fact, a Megan Nielsen pattern is part of the Sleepwear Edition Sew Along prize package...) As soon as I saw this new pattern release, I was smitten. The temperatures around here have been 80+ and so I decided the Reef would be perfect for my collection of Summer Sleepwear For Hot Lazy Nights. What better way to sample one of my favorite Facebook Group's sponsors than by trying out her latest design?

The pattern contains both a tank with a great back yoke feature and a …

It's The Shelley Skirt, by Muffin Head Patterns

I feel like 2016 is quickly becoming the summer of skirts. And what's great about that is I'm actually wearing them! Today I get to share my first pattern test for a new-to-me pattern company: the Shelley Skirt from Muffin Head Patterns, which is available today. A couple weeks ago, a fellow Facebook Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests member mentioned she was testing a new pattern, and that I should sew along with her. Despite having sewing plans, several things unfinished on my table, and knowing I had family and work obligations pending, I impulsively jumped in with both feet. Let's be honest, I just can't resist being in on the ground floor of something new and unreleased. It's exciting!

As you might expect, no sooner did I get started and sewing time evaporated. This project's deadline was a real struggle for me. Not because the pattern or the test was difficult. It sure wasn't. But, persevering to the end was worth all the effort of squeezing in sewing t…