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Handmade Hospital Rest Kit

My friend was unexpectedly hospitalized early this month. She spent 5 days in 2 hospitals, steadily declining in heath until she was sedated, intubated and suffering organ failure. All without a diagnosis. We feared she would soon be lost to us. Finally, she was flown some distance to the University of Michigan hospital where they were able to stabilize her. Her fever broke, and a day later we had a diagnosis. Myocarditis, when a virus attacks the heart of otherwise healthy individuals, had weakened her heart so severely as to cause cardiogenic shock, a loss of heart function that can quickly lead to organ failure and death from loss of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

An incredibly scary diagnosis, but my friend is strong. I was happy every morning to see the positive updates from her siste:, "She's moving her head today..." "She's squeezing her eyes tight when I ask..." "She's opened her eyes and knows we are here..." "She's of…

Vienna Tank Top From Itch To Stitch

In case you haven't noticed I've really been into making sleeveless summer tops lately. I've got another one for you today! Itch To Stitch has just released her Vienna Tank pattern, which I had the opportunity to test last week. I loved the fit and style so much that I've already made two. The pattern calls for a woven yoke/tie and a knit for the fronts and backs. It has two style options. View A has collar ruffles and a flipped out center front facing. View B has a smooth bias bound collar and tucked in center front facings.

My bust hand hip measurements currently match Itch To Stitch's size chart for an 8. There is a generous amount of ease in the top's style to accommodate my thicker waist, so I stuck with sewing the 8 straight off the printer.

For my first "test" I pulled a vintage kimono silk fabric for the yoke and a sheer poly/rayon tissue weight jersey. We had been advised to steer clear of sheer fabrics during the test phase but what can I sa…