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Sew Long Summer...Hello Lilia Jacket!

Well, Hello there! I'm glad we are still able to connect here today. It was a close one, what with me deleting my original blog post mere hours before it was set to publish. I'm sorry the world will never see it's brilliance. No matter. I still remember how I made my fabulous Lilia Jacket and I will share that story with you today! 

For me, fall is the best season of the year. The temperature drops (eventually), humidity dissipates, the boy goes back to school and plays football! It's his 4th, and last, year playing for our local youth organization, (next year he will play for the school), and though the time commitment is intense I do love to watch my boy play. 

I really suck at pretending to be cold. The week before I snapped these photos, it was cold and perfect for fleece. On photo day: 80 degrees by 10am and so humid you can't breathe. Today, it's 68 and raining. That's Michigan for you! Since you never can tell just wh…