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Even Intermediate Sewers Fail

Last week I asked how all of you were and some of you posted that you felt stalled . I don't think there could be a more perfect description for how the mid-point of this challenge feels. The weather can't make up it's mind....Sneak peaks of warmer weather have chased away my motivation to create some of the longer sleeved tops I had planned, yet it's not nearly warm enough to start pumping out the sleeveless goodies flooding my brain....Fabric issues have completely halted my Fari Coat progress... And I have lost days, a week...a WEEK OF DAYS to four tiny button holes on my Marigold Blouse. I won't retell the whole buttonhole saga here. (If somehow you managed to miss it, pop over to the FB group and search buttonholes.) Despite considering myself an intermediate sewer, I must admit that in all my years, I've never successfully pulled off traditional machine stitched button holes. I can create a zip fly and zippered welt pockets, hidden hooded rain jackets an

Please Resume Your Seasonal Sew Wardrobe Activity

We are quickly approaching the halfway point of the Seasonal Sew Challenge and I'm just realizing I spent a little too much time on the Slacker Track. Maybe you found yourself there too? Let's check in, refocus and get back on task! How's your motivation? Are you already done? Are you just starting? (It's ok if you are, we still have plenty of time). Have you hit a road block or a creative block? Are you unsatisfied with the direction you are taking? Have you deviated into a completely different plan than the one you started with? Share where you are on the group FB page. I guarantee there will be lots of voices to help unstick you if you are stuck, or to cheer you on if you are blazing through. In week #7, I made the Irena Knit Top from a slinky rayon sweater as I had planned in the beginning. Having been previously cut, it came together all in one day and I was able to take it with me on my mini-trip (which kept me from sewing all during week #8). I wore it

Pit Stop In Flamingo City

I think the theme of my SSW1 is quickly becoming The Collection Of Nothing That Was Planned. 50% of what I've sewn was not on my To Do list 6 weeks ago. It'll be fun to see where I end up, I guess. Hopefully it will all coordinate in some way. So, remember that secret project I mentioned last week? The pattern is being released today and that means I get to share it! Seville Skirt from Itch-To-Stich is a fit & flare style woven skirt pattern with a side zip. The pattern includes directions for both a line and unlined version. My test version is made with a brown wool suiting purchased several years ago from Fabric Mart, and lined with cream Bemberg rayon.  I wore it all day after the photos were taken and felt comfortable and pretty all day long. No digging into my waist, no twisting around my body, no tugging back into place. This version is a size 8, blended to a 12 at the waist. The only adjustment made for this was removing about 2.75 inches of length at the