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What's Black, White & Red All Over?

I'm so pleased with how my Minoru turned out. It took me FOREEEEHHHVER. But, it's worth it. I didn't find it to be difficult, but sometimes it's hard to fit things into a full time life. Tasia's Sew Along posts were key to staying on track with the project. I hardly glanced at the paper instructions, but read through all the posts and comments as I went along.
I poured over blog after blog of finished Minorus before planning my project and found myself really inspired by Jessie's Bike-In-The-Rain version. I loved the sheen of her fabric and the length of the coat. I don't bike. I drive. Truth: I try to avoid the great outdoors. Still, I find myself darting through the rain going in and out of buildings, or moving the hubby's car out of the way so I can drive the small boy to school. 
I first made a muslin in size 8, what I thought I measured, and added a 1.5 inch FBA using this tutorial from Lazy Stitching. It fit well until I trie…