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A Little Itch-To-Stitch Love: Pajama Party Edition

 It's no secret that I Love Itch-To-Stitch Designs. So naturally, when Bloggers and Pattern Designers and Fabric Shops decided to come together in support of Kennis after the horrible home robbery she experienced in October, I had to find a way to be part of it! There is a crazy amount of inspiration on the Blog Tour this week and several generous prizes to be won. Read through to the end, follow our sponsors for chances to win Rafflecopter prizes and share links of your own ITS LOVE for additional LinkUp Party prizes.

 From everyday tees to special occasion dresses to jackets, my hand made wardrobe is filled with Itch-To-Stitch. For my stop on the ITS LOVE Blog Tour, I decided to take a handful of Itch-To-Stitch patterns and give them an unexpected twist: Pajamas!

The Plan Started With Fabric

I selected some lovely fabrics from Maker Mountain Fabrics in California, one of our generous ITS LOVE Tour sponsors, to become my Itch To Stitch PJs. There are many beautiful and luxurious selections on the website, and it seemed to me, as I browsed for my project, that the fabrics are curated to sort of coordinate with each other. I really appreciate this because combining fabrics for outfits, especially with online shops, is often difficult for me.
In less than a week, I had Robert Kaufman Homespun linen/cotton blend fabrics in two colors plus a couple yards each of organic cotton knit and Art Gallery cotton lycra delivered to my front porch. Everything went through my rigorous wash/dry pre-treatment and came out beautifully.

Layer No.1 Tierras Woven Joggers

The foundation for my pajamas is the Itch-To-Stitch pattern: Tierras Woven Joggers. Released last spring, I'm only just now making them for the first time. They are a relaxed fit bottom with a low rise waistband and optional gathered ankles.
These make excellent pajama pants! They are relaxed, but not too baggy or slouchy. As they are for woven fabrics, you can make them up in any number of cute flannel prints or plaids. They are extremely similar to the old worn out pants I've been reaching for lately, only better because they have large, usable pockets!
As drafted, Tierras Woven Joggers have a low rise. I spent some time contemplating this before launching into my PJ versions. But in the end, I decided to roll with the original rise draft and waistband. I mean, all my old pants just slide down to sit in that same low spot anyway. Because my Tierra Joggers are meant to rest there, I have no problems with droopy or saggy crotch and they look very nice!
The Chambray color way softened right away after my prewash/dry treatments and the Dusty Rose color is woven with gold threads, which create the most amazing sparkle! I couldn't find a coordinating ribbon to use for a drawstring, so I used this method with scraps of my linen fabric.
I really second guessed my plan for golden pink pants for a while, but the fabric is sooo pretty! Besides, if you can't have fun making your PJs... why bother?

Layer No.2 Lago Tank Top

I don't really have "summer" or "winter" PJs, even though I live in a climate with distinct hot and cold seasons. My parents always told me that when I grew up and paid my own utility bills I could have my house whatever temperature I want. And I do. Both my air conditioner and my furnace get turned up and down based on whatever I (or the hubby) feels like that day. This makes PJ layers important. 
While I briefly contemplated print mixing my Maker Mountain knits, I chickened out at the end. One didn't have the drape/stretch suitable for a close fitted tank, and the scale of the prints is too similar, so they looked a little off.
Instead, I pulled two coordinating solids from my stash, a cream colored lace weave cotton nylon lycra from Fabric Mart and a denim-colored cotton lycra from one of our Tour Sponsors, Simply By Ti Fabrics.
My denim cotton lycra was leftover from another project and I was just short for cutting out my Lago Tank. Piecing in a bit of the cream lace knit worked out well and keeps the top neutral to be worn with many bottoms. I sized down 1-2 sizes to achieve the negative bust ease and semi-fitted waist/hip ease. As an after thought I realized I could have hacked the Hepburn Turtleneck with Lago, as the Hepburn has the fitted look I was after already drafted. Next time!

Layer No.3 Paulina Crop Top

To wear over my Lago Tanks, I wanted something super soft that wasn't a zip-up hoodie. Something I could fall asleep in if I was cold and snuggle in with a hot tea on dreary afternoons.
I selected Paulina Top to make that happen. It's funny, I didn't really change much, but it looks nothing like the shop photos! I simply skipped the under arm cut outs and used a band to finish the neckline.
 I used an Art Gallery Fabrics cotton knit called Meadow Vivid for my PJ Paulina Top. I've never used an Art Gallery fabric before, but I see them on blogs often. I just have to ask... are they all this velvety? If so, I might be in trouble....
Then, at the end of my long raglan sleeve, I added that one feature guaranteed to increase the cozy factor of any top by at least 2 levels: Thumbhole cuffs!
I used a tutorial from Hey June, another of our Tour Sponsors. You can find the link HERE and learn how to add thumbhole cuffs to any long sleeved top you want!

Layer No.4 Newport Top

Instead of making a second Paulina Top from this organic cotton jersey called Wink, Dust, I picked the Newport Top, which I thought would be a great way to show the fabric's less stretchy, more structured body.
 Fun Fact: I tested the Newport Top, but never blogged it. I had the HARDEST time getting the fit I wanted and ended up tossing all my altered patterns.
I started over fresh with this version: Fresh print, Fresh size, Fresh alterations. I'm incredibly happy with the way it came out! Crazy how the experience you have with a pattern can really depend on using a fabric that is appropriate for it.

Pajama Style...

I'm really excited to have a new base for a PJ wardrobe. In fact, I've finally purged my pajama drawer and ditched all the thread-bare, homeless-looking pieces to make room for my new ones.

I love that they mix and match with each other, and also with my collection of Indy Wrestling tees
 Do you have a Pajama Style?
How can you make your favorite Itch-To-Stitch fashion patterns work for your lounge wear wardrobe?
Sew and share in the Itch To Stitch Facebook Group!

More ITS LOVE Plus Lots Of Prizes!

Your ITS Love bloggers are:

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The ITS Love Tour sponsors have been so generous in support of Kennis of Itch to Stitch that we've been able to put together several prize packages to share with you.
First, you may enter our giveaway to win one of three prize packs:

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Your second way to win is to share with us your recent Itch to Stitch creations (made between October and November 2017). Add your creations to our Link Up Party before Nov. 20th for a chance to win one of two prize packs.

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Giveaway and Linkup prize winners will be announced on or about November 21st.


  1. Will have to try woven sugars, never know what to do with woven that I have

    1. Tierras Woven Joggers is a good pattern for woven bottoms. I used a light non-stretch denim for my muslin and those get worn all the time too!

  2. You have the most colorful and pretty PJs. I’d be in them all day long. So cozy!

  3. I love reading your blogs - find myself chuckling out loud and learning a few things at the same time. Why hadn't I thought of Tierras as PJ bottoms? Another project !!! Great job, Crystal!

    1. I'm definitely kicking myself for taking so long to make the Tierras Woven Joggers. I've been living in them since I finished them.

  4. This is great. I've in the same boat and need new jammies. Thank you

    1. I don't know why we always put of making PJs. It's the one place where we don't have to agonize over perfect fit, and can use all sorts of cute prints and colors!

  5. I want them all. Awesome makes!

    1. LOL, thanks, Emily! Now to find time to make another set or two....

  6. You've really gone to town on this relaxing/pyjama wear! I love them all. I just made the Tierra joggers today and I'm going to make my very first Paulina tomorrow. I looked at yours with interest.

    1. I still love the two "regular" Paulinas I've made and wear them regularly. I hope you like yours as much!

  7. Such a great idea to revamp your PJ wardrobe! They're too often overlooked and I'm sure you'll get lots of comfortable lounging out of your new ones.

  8. They all look great! and so comfortable!


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