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My Return Trip To Belize

At 10:07pm the plane lands. There is no Welcome Party to greet me. In fact, I am alone.

The Triplets: My Little Brother, The Original, Fat Singer

Though air conditioning was promised, my accommodations are muggy and dank.
Is that the sound of crickets in the distance? No, just the sheers trimming away the bulk.

I see The Triplets waiting patiently and I give Fat Singer a mistrustful side-eye. We've never done business before. She offers little guidance and I'm unsure where to draw the line. By 11pm, she has me seeing double.

The hum of machinery drones on in the background, but any coolness it pumps out is negated by the heat of concentration on my brow.

"I've got a bad vibe over here!" My Little Brother spat at me through the din.
"Suck it up, Buttercup," I retort, "This is no time to be falling apart!"

Two hours in and it is finally time for some back-half action.

The pace quickens. 27 pieces become 15. 15 become 9. 9 become 6. 

1:20 am and My Little Brother is too tired to pick up his foot any longer. I move it for him and continue on.

That noise? What is that noise? Do not fear. The Drunk Monkeys left long ago after completing the faux fly top stitching.

If there is danger, the Great Guard Beast will sound the alarm.

Closer and closer. I stitch on, determined to achieve Test Fit Status before I allow myself to crash on the make-shift pallet in the adjoining room.

The new day dawns with Hustle and Bustle. I find myself caught in the under tow and swept further from my goals by the current of the day. Fighting for each stitch, I return to The Original and resolve to solve my concern for twisting elastic.

There is no sympathy for My (still maimed) Little Brother. I force him to finish the job and offer no promises of doctors to fix his ailing arm. There is simply no time for it.

Custom hems are trimmed.

Stitching is tied off by hand.

Small details are added to increase the illusion of Faux Jeans.

Though modified to be hidden, I slip in some of my trademark hand catch stitching.

In the end, I've completed all at once a trio of Denim Belize to serve me for the remainder of this sultry August. They will be a uniform of sorts, coordinating with all my summer tops and easy to wear. During these shorter days of working, caring for the family and spending 2 hours a day outside at the football field for practice, I will be dressed appropriately without having to think very hard or spend time caring for special laundry.

OMG, you guys it's so hot here....

But my shorts feel great!

If you too would like to explore all that Belize can offer you and your lifestyle. Itch To Stitch is offering a generous discount of 20%...but only for another day or so. Get yours HERE, plus an additional 15% off your cart if you grab 2 or more items at once. 

This offer expires Monday, August 8. At that time, your Belize Adventure will become full price...but still a bargain in my opinion.


  1. Such a Fun Read! This is probably the only way I will ever get to Belize....You go Girl! Great looking shorts!

  2. Such a Fun Read! This is probably the only way I will ever get to Belize....You go Girl! Great looking shorts!

    1. Thanks! It was fun to write and fun to sew. I'm wearing them already and it feels good to not have to hike my pants up or worry about muffin tops.

  3. What a cute and fun article! Good work on your shorts.

    1. Thank you, Diane! I'm enjoying them very much.

  4. Loved your post I hope Little Brother''s arm is fixed. You will get loads of wear from these. I might need a pair with a faux fly!

    1. Thanks, Sue! It's not fixed. I need to consult the Google and try to find a video.

  5. Great job with these Crystal! Love the narrative too!


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