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Samara Pants From Itch to Stitch: The Fun Of Something New

I always see those tall, skinny ladies in their swishy, wide leg trousers in fashion blogs, or on Pinterest looking so cool and chic. I'm always telling myself I could never pull off that look. Then the call went out to test Samara Pants and I thought: BUT..... what if I could? I don't always have knowledge of what's being developed, but I did know high-waisted, wide leg trousers were coming. I'd been telling Kennis for weeks that the style wasn't for me and I was going to pass on testing. I mean, I'm short. I'm curvy. I'm a little thicker through the middle than I ought to be.  This style wouldn't flatter me.  The testing call posted, accompanied by the sample shots. Those beautiful wine colored pants shown in the shop listing.
I felt wistful; If only I could wear something like that.  Then it struck me: I sew. I can wear anything I want! Think about that. Why do we sew for ourselves if not to try new things we could never buy RTW? Pattern Details
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The Magical Balance of Isidro From Itch to Stitch

Quick. Easy. Versatile. Feminine. Wardrobe-builder.  Spring is springing here in Michigan. I recently went through my closets and pulled out all my warmer weather wear. Sifting through it, I'm realizing I have mostly pretty closet orphans. What I really need to make is some better-than-basic basics. This is where Isidro Top from Itch to Stitch comes into play. Isidro is quick to make, feels great to wear, can be worn a million ways, has great feminine details, but is still basic enough that you can have many, and not look like you are wearing the same top over and over. That's kind of a magical balance. Pattern Details Isidro Top is drafted for knits with 50-75% stretch. Most sizes/views need only 1 yard or less fabric! (only the larger sizes with sleeves need a smidge more... like 1.25 yards) Testers used everything from DBP (like me) to rayon spandex and even light French terry. With some cute details, it's a quick but not boring make that can coordinate with practically…

Melrose Top & Dress, New From Itch to Stitch

With the completion of my dress this morning, I now have 2 versions of Melrose Top & Dress to share with you in this post!   When I have a hard time fitting sewing into my schedule, it's important to select patterns that give me a big impact without needing too much in the way of fitting and that don't have complicated techniques demanding my concentration. That's where I'm at lately and so Melrose Top & Dress, the newest release from Itch to Stitch Designs, is just the pattern I needed this spring!  Pattern Details Designed for wovens, Melrose Top & Dress has just the right amount of ease to be a comfortable dress without overwhelming my frame EVEN though I'm large busted. (No tents here!). Because this is a minimalist design with a modern silhouette, you have the potential to create everything from an elegant and classic garment to something super impactful depending on the fabric you choose.  Design Features -Drafted for A, B, C, D & DD cups WIT…