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I WON Something!

I was the winner of a random drawing on Elliot Berman Textiles Friday Fabric Love on Facebook recently. I am super excited, because I've never won anything like this before. I received my prize right away: two yards each of two different Dolce & Gabbana fabrics.

The one on the right is a beautiful rust, cream and brown sheer woven viscose. The embroidered stripes run vertically with random translucent sequins stitched in. It's light and delicate and has a lovely rumply-crinkley look to it. There are a million and 5 things that can be done with it, I just need to settle on the right one.

The second fabric is a printed viscose knit. Not as thin as an ITY, but feels similar in terms of recovery and tightness of knit. It's got lots of drape.It's a bold print and a lovely fabric, but I have no idea what to do with it! The print says 60's to me, but the colors invoke the 70's. Of course, I'm not a student of fashion history, so I probably have that all wrong.…