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My Newest Fall Jacket: Hvar, From Itch-To-Stitch Designs PLUS A Huge Sale!

Finally, I can share my Hvar Jacket with you! I can't even tell you how hard it's been to sit on this pattern and not give a single hint about it. Hvar, which is pronounced like saying "Far", if Google is to be believed, has been my favorite fall jacket!
No more wasting time, I'm going to give you all the info now: The PatternHvar Jacket from Itch-To-Stitch Designs is an easy, quick jacket that makes a great impact. I've made 3 jackets, each unique with fabric, look and wear. There are only 4 pattern pieces and no closures, which makes this really beginner friendly. 
Design Features -Unlined, with optional Hong Kong finish (including in instructions) -Waterfall Collar -Long sleeves -Pointed front hem 
Hvar Jacket is for woven fabrics, and is available for instant download in sizes 00-20. With your purchase, you get a tiled PDF for home assembly, and a large format for the copy shop. Plus, the PDF is layered, so you can select only the size(s) that you need wh…

Alexis Hoodie Dress From Sinclair Patters

I'm starting to have doubts that we are going to have a true fall this year in Michigan. Though we are halfway through October, we are still having 70 degree days pretty frequently. While it's annoying that I'm forced into short sleeves and sandals when I really want to wear boots and tights, I know this can't last forever... Winter IS Coming, and I intend to keep sewing cool/cold weather goodness! I have a new pattern to share today: Alexis Hoodie Dress by Sinclair Patterns. The Pattern The Alexis Hoodie Dress from Sinclair Patterns is based on that classic hoodie style we all reach for when it's cold, but depending on the fabric and fit you sew, you can create a mid-thigh dress to wear with tights and boots, or a structured tunic to wear with jeans and leggings.
Design Features - Lined hood with wide band -Elbow length or optional layer-look long sleeves -Mid-thigh hem length -Large "kangaroo pouch" pocket -Gentle bell shape with enough ease to wear ov…