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Itch to Stitch Kosice: My Femanine Blouse Version

My wardrobe has a serious lack of solids. They don't make very flashy or exciting garments to share; I find solids can be pretty dull to plan and boring to sew. However, I frequently despair of not having enough solids in my closet. I think the best way to make sewing solids fun is to choose an interesting pattern. Kosice Top & Dress, Itch to Stitch's newest release has this wonderfully delicate looking neckline, making it very interesting to sew!   Pattern Details I love unique details and a feminine feel without too many frills. Kosice Top & Dress definitely fits that description! It's a little boho, a little peasant blouse and a little button-up shirt ..but not too much... all rolled into one. This pattern is drafted for light weight fabrics with a little more body than you might expect. Like shirting. Rayon can drape beautifully, but it is limp in the body department and can cause drooping through the sleeve seams. Chambray and lawn can be nice choices as well…