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To Plan or Not To Plan...

Hopefully at this stage of the game, you are riding that wave of excitement and feeling like All Things Are Possible. I am. Before this Seasonal Sew Wardrobe is finished, I know I will have plenty of visits from the Tim Gunn Spirit telling me I need to edit and focus, but for now, that voice is cheering me on with a hearty "GO FOR IT!"

I've decided to build my wardrobe around a "big" inspiration piece. I pulled out some beautiful nylon jacket fabric, purchased years ago from Gorgeous Fabrics. I wanted a pattern without too many fussy details or seams that require complicated pattern matching. I found the Fari Coat by Ralph Pink and decided it would be a perfect match. Aside from some appropriate interfacing, I have everything needed for this coat in my stash already.

In addition to my coat, I know for sure that I am making at least 2 pairs of Itch-To-Stitch Liana Stretch Jeans just like the ones I finished in December 2015. After finishing this last pair, I jus…

Seasonal Sew Wardrobe Spring 2016 Launch and FAQ

Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests Group is launching its first long-term sew along challenge: Seasonal Sew Wardrobe #1! Between February 1st and May 31st 2016, make and post your 8 piece wardrobe in the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests page (details below) to be entered into a drawing to win some great prizes. 
With four months to sew a minimum of 8 pieces, it is hoped that everyone will feel encouraged to participate in this fun and flexible way for us to sew together. At the end, you'll have a fantastic new seasonal wardrobe! If you are a slow or very busy sewer, you will lots have time to work. If you are a quick or skilled sewer, you will have time to take on one or two (or more....) advanced projects. Since there are no rules about finishing early or starting late, you can make your pieces at whatever pace is comfortable for you, as long as they are all submitted before the deadline. If you have any questions after browsing the FAQ below, or during the contest, please post th…