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Just A Modest Mini

My final "official" piece for my SSW1 collection is a simple Moss Skirt from Grainline Studios. This pattern has (probably) hundreds of samples available to review online and I can see why it's so very popular. Very stylish, versatile and easy to make. In fact. I made mine in less than 4 days. Hard sewing days, but still. That's quick for top stitching and a fly least *I* think so!

I used a not quite white slightly stretch denim fabric for my skirt and selected my pattern size based on the final garment measurements. After comparing the flat pattern to existing garments, I decided to make only a length adjustment, skip making a muslin and run with a straight size 10.

All the things you read about this skirt being short are TRUE. I stand only 5ft tall, and always remove 3-4 inches of length from a skirt/dress pattern. In this case, I decided to ADD 1.5 inches to view A (without the band) This gave me a length that is youthful and flattering, but still appropriate for everyday activities as well as modest enough for my nearly 40 status.

The zip fly construction for this pattern, and it's corresponding online tutorial, are often sited for being easy and getting good results. It is a different process than I've done in the past on my Jamie Jeans and Liana Stretch Jeans. I have to say that while I really liked how easy it was to top stitch the fly (something I really struggle with on my jeans), I was not at all a fan of having a separate fly facing piece. At some point I managed to not be as precise as is needed, and the result is a strange little tuck where the fly opening meets the CF seam. I'm not concerned about it in this version, as denim is casual and prone to crease at the crotch, so no one will really notice. In the future, I think I will modify the pattern piece to include a cut-on facing and see how that works for me.

I had to include this happy little shot here. For all the sewing I do, to actually have the top stitched yoke seams line up perfectly is rare. These little things make me so happy!

The waistband fit exactly on my waist. Belatedly, I thought about how much stretch the fabric had and was concerned about it stretching and sagging with wear. I decided to take the time to add a line of twill tape to the top waistband seam. I cut it an inch shorter than the total waistband length, and eased it in with hand basting after stitching the outer band to the facing band. Then, when the facing was flipped inside, the twill tape was caught by the machine when I under stitched. The result is a nice firm waistband that stays in place without being uncomfortable or digging in.


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